QuickBooks Consulting / Payroll Processing / Income Taxes

Quickpro Consulting, Inc provides a range of accounting and bookkeeping plans from monthly, quarterly, to annual service plans. Our service plans can include some or all of the following: error-free payroll processing, account reconciliations, tax deposits, tax planning, tax reporting, new business registration, and QuickBooks bookkeeping and software support.

Cleaning up bookkeeping messes is an integral part of our business. We spend countless hours with our clients to help bring the past current and alleviate issues with tax authorities. The longer the wait, the more of a challenge the task can be. Calm any stress you may have with your current books and contact Quickpro Consulting to discuss what options are available to help you produce a clean set of books.

QuickBooks Software Consulting Services

Our Certified Intuit QuickBooks ProAdvisors will be a convenient resource at your disposal as your company grows and the more intricate needs of an accounting system become apparent. A system that is not properly set up often causes major inconveniences and can prove costly when income taxes are due. In this scenario, disputes with customer or vendor balances can become an issue. Ensure your books are set up properly and reporting your cash flow accurately and avoid overly expensive tax returns and audits.

We can work on-site as well as remotely to train and develop you and your staff on proper data entry procedures and internal control functions. Imagine the peace of mind you will have knowing that the support of your QuickBooks ProAdvisor is a phone call or email away for a solution.

Payroll Services

Payroll is one of the most daunting tasks for small business owners, especially those who are just beginning to have a staff on payroll. Payroll reporting and timely tax deposits are highly scrutinized by Federal and State tax authorities. It is imperative that your payroll is being properly entered, reported, and paid timely on the correct schedule set forth by tax authorities. Employers assume heavy liabilities by having employees; therefore, it is important to follow all state and federal labor laws in regards to compensation to employees as well as officers of the company. We are here to help ensure that you are in compliance and not producing any unnecessary liabilities.

Income Tax Services

One of the most dreaded topics is that of income taxes. Is your company set up to give you, the officer or partner the most beneficial tax structure? Not sure? Contact us at once so we can advise you on the different types of entity structures and how one may save you more of your hard earned money over another.

Our tax preparers include general tax preparers who are registered with the IRS to prepare income tax returns, as well as enrolled agents who are licensed to practice before the IRS on your behalf. Whether your tax needs are simple or complex, we have representatives who are qualified at both individual and business levels to properly prepare your income tax returns.