Registering Your New Business |Get Legal and Get Protected

Deciding which type of entity is best for your business is a crucial step in
building a foundation of liability protection and effective tax savings.
Liability and tax laws vary from state to state and taxation at the Federal
level play major roles in entity-type selection. Quickpro Consulting can
help you decide which type of entity structure is best for you.

Protect your investment by leaving this daunting task to professionals who
can ask the critical questions to determine the best type of organization
for your business. Once you’ve identified the most suitable structure, the
next step is to register your business properly with state and federal tax
agencies. Penalties imposed by tax agencies are hefty and sometimes can be
enough to break a small business. Quickpro Consulting will help to ensure
your business is registered properly and for all the applicable taxes to
avoid the unpleasant aftermath of penalties and tax agency confrontations.

Did you know? An LLC is defined by state law, not federal law. You must
elect which type of entity classification your LLC is defined as at the
federal level. Otherwise, your organization may default to a classification
that may result in higher taxes to you and other members of the LLC.